Mercedes-Benz Magic Sky Roof

Mercedes-Benz has long been known as an innovator for new technologies. So when the specifications sheet for the all new SLK and SL Roadsters mentioned “Magic Sky Roof” we were very curious.

On past SL and SLK vehicles, if an owner wanted a view of the sky, they needed to put the top down, since there was no moonroof on the vehicle. For 2012, a moonroof was added to the vehicle, allowing someone to look up through the closed top.

The optional Magic Sky control truly is magical. Rather than having a closing sun shade for the glass moon roof, you simply press a button and the glass electronically tints itself. Press the button again and the glass goes clear. It’s amazing!

An advanced technical description can be found on Mercedes-Benz’s Website.

That being said, you can check out our video of the roof here.


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